Friends of Jitokeze

Left:  Pini (executive director Jitokeze)

What, Where, and Why:    Jitokeze powerpoint


Harrisburg Friends of Jitokeze is a project of Harrisburg ICE.   Jitokeze addresses problems of drought, access to water, food scarcity, and resource conflicts.  Jitokeze teaches and works with women and girls in West Pokot, Kenya, in organic food production, skills to live sustainably, and peace-making.  Harrisburg Friends of Jitokeze is funding a sand dam which will provide access to water.  For further information, click on link to

Harrisburg Friends of Jitokeze have a working and personal relationship with Jitokeze founder Philipine (Pini) Kidulah, who spent two years at Eastern University in Philadelphia.   Harrisburg Friends is one of five chapters in Pennsylvania.

Our recent fundraiser, A Little Night Music at Theater Harrisburg, raised $2.200.  We have raised a total of more than $6,000 toward our goal of $8,000 in 2012 to fund a sand dam.