Stanford researcher maps out an alternative energy future

A study, co-authored by Stanford researcher Mark Z. Jacobson, outlines a path to statewide renewable energy conversion, and away from natural gas and imported fuel.

Mark Z. Jacobson, a senior fellow with the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment and the Precourt Institute for Energy, co-authored the study with scientists from Cornell University and the University of California-Davis.

“Converting to wind, water and sunlight is feasible, will stabilize costs of energy and will produce jobs while reducing health and climate damage,” said Jacobson, a professor of civil and environmental engineering. 

Here he talks with David Letterman:

Michael Breen, a former military officer, and director of the Truman National Security Project, guest speaker at a recent Physician for Social Responsibility meeting on October 9, 2013, talked about climate change as a national security issue.  An example would be the 10-foot high razor wire fence that is being built to run along the border of India and Bangladesh, to keep out climate refugees as a result of rising sea level and floods.  Why is climate change a national security issue?  “People get desperate and it becomes a recruiting ground for extremists.”  In our hyperconnected world, is it reasonable to assume that we can remain isolated from global events?   Listen to his interview on Smart Talk.

Subscribing to a clean energy provider is one of the best and easiest ways to support a clean energy future.  Penn Future provides a list of Clean Energy Providers

Climate Change: Lines of Evidence

The National Academy of Sciences, National Research Council, Board on Atmospheric Science and Climate have produced this video to illustrate the current state of understanding pertaining to climate change.
Climate Change: Lines of Evidence

This movie is the culmination of effort from the National Academies to provide the public with the best information available regarding climate change and the science that provides insight and understanding into natural and human influences on climate.

While the movie does examine the basics and fundamentals of scientific understanding there are many other lines of evidence not covered. The movie is an excellent introduction to the fundamental scientific understanding regarding current climate change in relation to the natural cycle and how science has come to the 90% confidence level in the conclusion that humans are in fact influencing modern climate

Climate Change is Simple – a life-changing 17-minute video.


Earth:  The Operator’s Manual